Building on the success of past seminars, this event will follow an interactive curriculum where attendees fire distress flares, put out fires, learn damage control, set storm sails, and rescue a man overboard among other activities.

The seminar will be supplemented by Storm Trysail's educational Safety-at-Sea Video Library produced by long-time Storm Trysail member Gary Jobson.  This Video Library covers a broad range of safety-at-sea subjects and will be available to attendees online prior to the seminar as part of their fee.

By attending the seminar and viewing the Video Library, sailors will earn a US Sailing Offshore Safety-at-Sea Certificate.

Attendees can opt to earn an International Offshore Safety-at-Sea Certificate by viewing  US Sailing's Online Offshore Safety-at-Sea course.  This is in addition to the STF videos you will also watch. To get the Online Offshore Safety-at-Sea course you will pay an additional $75.00 to cover the cost of the course.  A code with instructions will be issued to you by the STF office.  You are expected to complete this online course prior to attending the seminar in person.

Responding to sailor requests for additional training, this year's seminar will also offer a new advanced program (Level 200) open to sailors who have previously attended a Storm Trysail Seminar (limit 48). Besides participating in the opening and closing sessions, Level 200 participants will spend half of the day on the water and half receiving classroom instruction.  The extended time on the water will allow for one-on-one instruction and introducing new safety techniques including abandoning ship and steering without a rudder.  The Level 200 classroom sessions will include interactive round table discussions and sessions on topics such as emergency communications briefings and helo evacuation.

Attendance at the seminar is limited to 300 people and is open to both racers and cruisers.  The admissions fee is $295 and includes breakfast pastries and coffee, lunch and afternoon snacks and refreshments. To obtain the International World Sailing Safety-at-Sea Certificate you will pay  an additional $75 to cover the cost of US Sailing's Online Offshore Safety-at-Sea course. 

Best regards,

Rich du Moulin, Chairman
Safety at Sea Seminar

The 2020 Curriculum Includes:

  • On the water session with man overboard recovery, setting storm sails & emergency steering
  • Pool session with PFD, life raft use and combating hypothermia
  • Firefighting instruction, use of flares and pyrotechnics
  • Emergency communications
  • Damage control, emergency medical treatment
  • and much more 

Seminar Details:

Saturday, May 16, 2020

SUNY Maritime Campus
6 Pennyfield Avenue
Bronx, NY 10465 

If you have any questions about registration or payment, please contact: Storm Trysail Foundation 

Payment Information

- PAYMENT is DUE IN FULL at the time of registration.  

- Paypal is preferred with your online registration

~ Credit Cards accepted