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We are thrilled North Sails has returned to Block Island Race Week to support our sailors both on and off the water. North Sails has a long history with Block Island Race Week, outfitting and supporting a significant number of boats, including many clients with race victories.
North Sails has expanded their commitment to Race Week with NEW and returning levels of support for sailors including expert coaching, weather briefings, and overnight sail repairs. 

Expert Coaching

North’s sailing and technical experts will be on-hand to provide free expert analysis, race commentary, and coaching at Block Island Race Week, June 23-28. Crews in the Performance Cruising fleets will be able to take advantage of North’s live race commentary and our Three Free program, specifically designed to help improve boat handling and sail trim.

Those who register for the Three Free complimentary coaching will receive photographic analysis on at least three angles of boat handling and sail trim taken during racing. Crews can then follow this with an in-person consult with the North Sails experts on the morning of the next race day.

Combined with our daily weather forecasts, delivered to you in partnership with Gowrie, our North experts can walk you through the race day on what to expect weather wise and can help you improve your boat and sail performance for the next race.


Daily Weather Forecasts

Partnering with Gowrie Group, North Sails will be providing complimentary daily weather forecasts, available to all entrants. Register to receive daily weather briefings sent directly to your inbox each morning.


Regatta Repair

Our Certified Service team will be returning this year with our pop up sail loft, located in the Block Island Maritime Institute, adjacent to Payne’s Dock, from June 22nd – 29th. Open to all boats for overnight sail repair, the North Sails service loft offers every crew the peace of mind when it comes to sail care matched with expert service.

Lets go sailing.

"Alright now, this is a night start don't forget; so let's get somebody on lookout up on that bow...

Alright now, did you figure the current? For chrissake do I have to do everything? And don't forget to figure the daylight saving. What? No, you add an hour, for chrissake, can't anybody here sail a boat? What did he say? He said "turn off the engine". Oh, yeah. OK, how long 'til our start? Who's on the stopwatch? OK, you get back here outta the way and stay there.

Alright now, let's come about and get over near the committee boat. Alright, let's come about. COMIN' ABOUT! Wheres the handle, where's the handle - TAIL, willya, fer chrissake!! How's that? Take it in to the block. That's enough.

BANG! What gun was that? That was OUR GUN. Did you get that on the watch? Do you see that guy? Yeah, I see him. Alright now, we got five more minutes. Let's run the line for a second. You can't, YOU'RE ON PORT TACK. Oh, yeah, OK, let's come about again. COMIN' ABOUT! FOUR MINUTES, Well it's too crowded over here, let's get down to leeward where our air is clear.

CRASH!!!! What was that???? Well, put the stove in gimbals, for chrissake. Clean it up later, get up here. What the hell are you doing down there anyway? You can eat at home! THREE MINUTES...Did anybody center the prop? Well, center it, Charlie, don't stand there. There's a flashlight overhead in the doghouse. Well, try another one, I put all new batteries in yesterday. TWO MINUTES...Two minutes for chrissake where's the other end of the line, they got a line two miles long. We gotta come about. COMING ABOUT...OK, let it go letitgogoddamm it. Alright, get it in, get it in. It's fouled on the lifeline. DON'T JERK IT! You'll pull the goddam boat apart. Trim, trim, trim, OK, hold that. Where's the ------ing committee boat. We gotta come about again. COMING ABOUT! More turns, more turns. OK, cleat that. ONE MINUTE--Alright, slack everything, slack the jib, slack the main, SLACK THE MAIN...OK hold that ...THIRTY SECONDS...OK we're going for the line. Trim, trim, trim the main. FIFTEEN SECONDS...OK everybody up to windward....TEN SECONDS ...NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE.....for chrissake where's that gun...We're over the line. They'll never see us down here anyway. BANG! OK, we've started.

You did a great job with that stopwatch. OK, let's get these lines coiled up, I can't stand up in the cockpit. Good start, guys."