This past weekend saw the return of the Storm Trysail Club’s Ted Hood Regatta to Marblehead Harbor. Under glistening conditions, almost 100 boats participated in various classes over 3 days. The host of the regatta was the Corinthian Yacht Club, while on the water Race Committee duties were shared by Corinthian, Boston, and Eastern Yacht Clubs.

Ted Hood 1

A large contingent of J/70’s, (a 23 foot high speed one-design boat) made up almost half of the fleet racing in this years Ted Hood. Competitors from Europe to South America were on hand to test their skills in Marblehead waters. This weekend was considered a final “tune-up” event for the J/70 World Championships which will take place here in Marblehead September 22 through 29, with 100 boats registered. Winning the J/70 Class was Tim Healy followed closely by Brian Keane in second and Umberto de Luca in third.

In the J/105 Class Mark Masur won the weekend with his team on Two Feathers, followed by Ken Bowden on Knotless taking 2nd place, and Jon Samel on Blown Away in 3rd.

Ted Hood 2
In the Big Boat divisions, ORR Class 1 was won by Betsy McCombs and her crew on Scherherazade. McCombs won in convincing fashion and she and her team are repeat winners from last year. Scherherazade was also awarded the Storm Trysail Club’s Steve Cruse Memorial Trophy which was presented by Steve’s wife Lexi, sons Stevie and Billy, along with Steve’s sister Susie. The Cruse Trophy is awarded by the Storm Trysail Club’s Marblehead Station to a sailor who demonstrates exemplary character or performance during a race or event sailed in Marblehead waters.

Ted Hood 3

Ted Hood 4
Steve Cruse was a world-class off-shore racer for most of his life, a legend in the sail-making industry and a great friend to many. Rich Wilson, the only American to finish the single-handed non-stop Vendee Globe Round the World Race twice, a member of the Marblehead Station and co-presenter of the Cruse award this year, spoke of his wonderful experiences sailing with Steve over the years. 

Behind Scherherazade in second place was Escape Velocity 2 Ben Chigier’s Summit 40, followed by Gary Weisberg in Heat Wave.

Class 2 saw Dan Boyd’s team on Wild Thing run away with the 1st Place trophy, with David Powers in Agora in 2nd, and Ward Blodgett and Liz Smith’s Sirocco in 3rd.

Rounding out the ORR Division was Michael Maxwell taking 1st place in Shenanigan in Class 3, with David Smith’s Airodoodle in 2nd and Bob Minelli’s String Theory in 3rd.

The Jib and Main Class was won by Peter Ogren in Menage A Trois, followed by Linda Hosking in Ares.

The Ted Hood Regatta included a double-handed overnight race on Friday night which was won by Jonathan Green in Privateer. Saraband driven by Elke Backman was second, and Jim DaSilva on WindSwept was third. Competitors enjoyed beautiful conditions during this short distance race of 60 miles.

Regatta Chairman and Storm Trysail’s Marblehead Fleet Captain Clarke Smith said after the event, “Our objective is to keep big boat fleet racing alive in Marblehead and to have fun! This event provides a great venue for late summer racing, and we hope to build on the success of this year’s regatta for a tremendous event in 2019. We hope to see everyone back in Marblehead August 23rd, 24th, and 25th next year."

Clarke also thanked the THR’s local sponsors; Marblehead Boatyard, Ryan Marine, Burke Insurance, Manhattan Sandwich Company, Farrell Smith LLP, Zurn Yacht Designs, Hill & Louden, Phil Smith Photography, North Sails, VDA Productions, TTG, Goslings Rum, International Special Risks, Nationwide Insurance, Salem Waterfront Hotel, The Regatta Pub, The Landing Restaurant, and The Mighty Squirrel Brewing Company. Clarke continued that without the generous support of the sponsors the THR could not have happened.

Lets go sailing.

"Alright now, this is a night start don't forget; so let's get somebody on lookout up on that bow...

Alright now, did you figure the current? For chrissake do I have to do everything? And don't forget to figure the daylight saving. What? No, you add an hour, for chrissake, can't anybody here sail a boat? What did he say? He said "turn off the engine". Oh, yeah. OK, how long 'til our start? Who's on the stopwatch? OK, you get back here outta the way and stay there.

Alright now, let's come about and get over near the committee boat. Alright, let's come about. COMIN' ABOUT! Wheres the handle, where's the handle - TAIL, willya, fer chrissake!! How's that? Take it in to the block. That's enough.

BANG! What gun was that? That was OUR GUN. Did you get that on the watch? Do you see that guy? Yeah, I see him. Alright now, we got five more minutes. Let's run the line for a second. You can't, YOU'RE ON PORT TACK. Oh, yeah, OK, let's come about again. COMIN' ABOUT! FOUR MINUTES, Well it's too crowded over here, let's get down to leeward where our air is clear.

CRASH!!!! What was that???? Well, put the stove in gimbals, for chrissake. Clean it up later, get up here. What the hell are you doing down there anyway? You can eat at home! THREE MINUTES...Did anybody center the prop? Well, center it, Charlie, don't stand there. There's a flashlight overhead in the doghouse. Well, try another one, I put all new batteries in yesterday. TWO MINUTES...Two minutes for chrissake where's the other end of the line, they got a line two miles long. We gotta come about. COMING ABOUT...OK, let it go letitgogoddamm it. Alright, get it in, get it in. It's fouled on the lifeline. DON'T JERK IT! You'll pull the goddam boat apart. Trim, trim, trim, OK, hold that. Where's the ------ing committee boat. We gotta come about again. COMING ABOUT! More turns, more turns. OK, cleat that. ONE MINUTE--Alright, slack everything, slack the jib, slack the main, SLACK THE MAIN...OK hold that ...THIRTY SECONDS...OK we're going for the line. Trim, trim, trim the main. FIFTEEN SECONDS...OK everybody up to windward....TEN SECONDS ...NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX, FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE.....for chrissake where's that gun...We're over the line. They'll never see us down here anyway. BANG! OK, we've started.

You did a great job with that stopwatch. OK, let's get these lines coiled up, I can't stand up in the cockpit. Good start, guys."