AJ Evans

Vice-Commodore & Chairman Block Island Race Week 
Ed Cesare

Rear-Commodore & Chairman Block Island Race
Ray Redniss

John D. Browning

Frederick "Bud" Heerde

Fleet Captain 
Rick Royce


Immediate Past Commodore
Leonard Sitar

President, Storm Trysail Foundation
Barry Gold

Communications & Sponsorship Chairman
Ronald Weiss

Fleet Surgeon
Carl A. Olsson

Newsletter Editor
Lee Reichart

Executive Secretary
Whitney Kneisley

Governors, Class of 2019
Ty Anderson, Ross Dierdorf, Steve Taft, Carter Williams

Governors, Class of 2019 - 2020
John Cummiskey, Brad Dellenbaugh, Sue Reilly, Andrew Weiss


Station Captain, Chesapeake Bay
Jeff Goldring

Station Captain, Eastern Great Lakes
Luiz Kahl

Station Captain, Western Great Lakes
Mike Hettel

Station Captain, Gulf Coast
Chris Lewis

Station Captain, Gulf of Maine
Robert Scott

Station Captain, Long Island Sound
Doug Lynn

Station Captain, Marblehead
Clarke Smith

Station Captain, New Jersey
Ann Meyer

Station Captain, Newport
Jesse Fielding

Station Captain, Northern California
Steve Taft

Station Captain, Southern California
Ian Vickers

Station Captain, Southern Station
Bill Moriarty



Entertainment Committee
Dan Jennings, Chairman

Commodore Charles Ulmer, Chairman
Charles Goodrich, Long Island Sound;  Kelly Robinson, New Jersey; Barry Gold, Long Island Sound;  Stew Wiley, Newport;  James Noyes, Marblehead;  Mark Wood, Southern (Miami); Jim Praley II, Chesapeake Bay; Luiz Kahl, Great Lakes; Briggs Tobin, Long Island Sound; Matthew Gallagher, Great Lakes

Nominating Committee
John Storck, Jr., Chair
Rich DuMoulin, Eric Kreuter, Adam Loory, Renee Mehl

Race Committee
Commodore Dick Neville, Chairman

Competition Committee
John Storck III, Chair
Anderson Reggio, Casey Nickerson

Protest Committee
Commodore John Osmond, Chairman
Bill Baxter, Eric Kreuter, Can Makowiecki, Howie McMichael, Hans Oen, Mike Posey

Team Racing & Competition Committee
Casey Nickerson, Chairman & Grand Master - Anderson Reggio - Offshore Teams

The Vincent Monte-Sano Award Committee & Richard M. Stimson Offshore Navigation Trophy
Commodore Nick Langone, Chairman

Rating Rule Committee
Larry Fox, Chairman

Block Island Race Week Committee
Ed Cesare, Chairman

Delegate to YRA of LIS
Raymond Redniss

Young Members Committee
Erik Storck, Chairman

Governance Committee
Ty Anderson, Chair
Commodore Lee Reichart, Paul Kunz, John Browning

Communications and Sponsorship Committee
Ron Weiss, Chairman 
Commodore Lee Reichart, Co-Chair
Chris Reichart, Social Media; Rand Milton, STC Webmaster

Commodore Lee Reichart, Editor

Cruising Committee
John de Regt, Chairman
Chesapeake Bay Station, Barry Dwyer
Great Lakes Station, Chuck Bayer
Gulf of Maine Station, Vince Todd
Marblehead Station, Rich Feeley

Long Range Planning Committee
Gary Jobson, Chair
Gino Bottino, Commodore Rich du Moulin, Commodore Nick Langone, Joey Moffitt, Steve Prime, Dan Briggs,Anderson Reggio

Paul Hoffmann, Jr.

Robert E. Mitchell

Insurance Committee
Don Rave